28th January 2022

Introductory consultation responses update now online

A summary of the responses received to the questions posed in North Falls introductory consultation is now live on the project’s consultation portal for all those who would like to know more about the feedback received.

Also now live on the project website is a new ‘frequently asked questions‘ page, which covers topics and issues that were brought up by numerous consultees during the consultation.

To theĀ  broad offshore wind related questions, there was an overwhelming majority in favour of renewables, including offshore wind, with 97% of respondents answering yes, to the question around whether renewable energy was important to tackling climate change. A further 87% stated that offshore wind has a key role to play in the UK’s energy security.

There were common concerns around ecology and the environment, including birds, marine life and ancient woodlands, as well as around impacts of the project during construction and the need for ongoing consultation and the importance of being kept informed. There was also a large interest in ensuring that jobs, skills training and supply chain opportunities have a strong local focus.

Project Consent Manager, Danny Harper said the team was grateful to everyone who took the time and effort to respond and appreciated the feedback, much of which offered good insights and suggestions, particularly around community-specific involvement and initiatives during the project’s operational phase.

“We wanted to introduce the project locally and give people the chance to feed back on our progress to date, and so were pleased with the level of initial engagement and felt the responses received have given us a good early understanding of people’s concerns and preferences.”

The North Falls team will continue to digest the responses and take them into consideration as the project further evolves, and in advance of the next consultation, which is scheduled to take place later in 2022.