North Falls. Offshore wind farm.

Our introductory consultation is now live

This is an initial online consultation to introduce North Falls. We’re inviting comments on how we intend to progress the project and our proposals to date. Your comments will help us refine and improve our plans.

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Powered by nature

North Falls Offshore Wind Farm is being developed in the southern North Sea more than 20km off the UK coast and covers a total area of 150km². It is an extension project to the existing 504 MW Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm.

About the project

North Falls location on UK map.

Developing a greener future

The development process began in earnest in Autumn 2020 and initial work includes early surveys, engagement with statutory consultees, data gathering, and assessing key onshore and offshore constraints.


Woman looking out to North Sea horizon.

Project benefits

As well as generating much needed green electricity, North Falls will bring numerous benefits by way of jobs, local economy and involvement within the local communities.


Harnessing the power of North Sea wind

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