The consultation process

The pre-application development process began in earnest in Autumn 2020 after the owners’ joint venture agreement was signed. This initial work includes early surveys, engagement with relevant statutory consultees, data gathering, and assessing key onshore and offshore constraints.

North Falls is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and as such, the team will act in accordance with the Planning Act 2008 duty to consult principle, engaging with project stakeholders, being any person, group or organisation with an interest in the project. Local stakeholder and community consultation will be undertaken throughout the pre-application phase.

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Stakeholder engagement

Pre-application consultation is the main opportunity for stakeholders to review the plans, provide comments, submit feedback and have an influence on elements of the process and shape of the development. The objective is to ensure that stakeholders who are most affected by the proposals are engaged in the development of the wind farm from the start to finish, and have the opportunity to comment on the proposals at key decision making points.

Local residents and the community in the vicinity of the proposed onshore infrastructure will be a priority.

Have your say

The development of North Falls will be an iterative process and we will welcome views at any time, however there will be specific consultation periods where we will be asking for comments related to defined elements of our proposals.

Our first consultation to introduce the project ran from 25 October to 10 December 2021 and even though the consultation is over, you can still view the proposals here.

Our second consultation phase ran from Monday 17 October and until Friday 9 December 2022 and as per the introductory consultation, you can still view the proposals here.

There will be further consultation in 2023. The consultation activity will be shaped around the needs of our stakeholders and also in ways that will ensure we are able to gather and incorporate opinions and feedback. These consultations will be widely promoted, including here on this website, so please check back regularly for any updates.

Indicative consultation programme

The current timetable for our consultation phases is as follows:


Informal engagement
Continued engagement including communication of updated project proposals and impacts resulting from the consultations

25 October to 10 December 2021

Informal Introductory Consultation
Introduction to the project, scoping and early opportunity for feedback. This consultation has now concluded.

Spring 2022

Statement of Community Consultation
Initial consultation with local Councils on this document that will be published in 2023.

17 October to 9 December 2022

Pre-application Consultation 1
Consultation prior to commencing Preliminary Environmental Information Report


Pre-application Consultation 2
Consultation on Preliminary Environmental Information Report
Final Pre-application Consultation
Final and limited consultation, primarily an engagement opportunity to communicate final Environmental Statement


Our latest consultation included five face-to-face events at locations near our proposed onshore project area as well as two webinars. There are no further events planned currently however we will hold more face-to-face events and webinars in conjunction with our statutory consultation due to be held in 2023.

If you would like to be informed of our future consultation activities, please register your details and preferred method of contact.


Nationally significant infrastructure project

North Falls is a nationally significant infrastructure project which means that the planning application, known as a development consent order application, will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, to review and decide whether or not to accept it for examination. There is a page on the Planning Inspectorate website dedicated to North Falls and our process, however you can also visit the site to find out more about how the application process works.

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