Offshore wind farm turbine construction workers.

Generating green electricity and jobs

First and foremost North Falls will generate much needed green electricity that will reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the fight against the global threat of climate change. As well as helping to protect the environment and contributing to the UK’s net zero ambitions, North Falls will bring numerous local benefits by way of jobs, local economy and involvement within the local community.

North Falls has carried out a specific socio-economic benefit study as part of our development process to determine the benefits the project will bring.  East of England is well placed to benefit given its offshore wind heritage and the fact more than 800 supply chain companies are already operating in the region ready to leverage new opportunities.

Greater Gabbard wind farm.

One we built earlier

We expect the benefits to be similar, if not greater than those of our sister project, Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm. The wind farm represented a total investment of around £1.5 billion and a new facility was constructed in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

To maintain and operate the wind farm, a total of around 100 jobs were created, with 95% of those recruited from the local area. This was is in addition to the hundreds of jobs created during construction. Greater Gabbard has engaged 10 apprentices since the start of operation.


Ecological surveyors at work.


The development of an offshore wind farm requires support from a wide range of suppliers, each bringing unique and essential skillsets.

During development there will be on-going opportunities for suppliers, with a number of UK-based companies already appointed to support the project with planning, carrying out our environmental impact assessment, surveys and professional services.

Onshore construction workers.


It will be some years before North Falls enters the construction phase, which is where many of the supply chain opportunities will be found, along with during the longer term operations and maintenance phase. However a number of suppliers and contractors will be required during the current development phase, so if you supply goods or services relevant to the development of an offshore wind farm, please send us your company details via this link below. When the project is sufficiently matured a supplier database will be established.