North Falls Offshore Wind Farm is being developed on a 150km2 site located between 22km and 54 km offshore in the southern North Sea, adjacent to its sister project Greater Gabbard. The site is divided into two sections, north and south.

Offshore surveys will be undertaken as part of the development process including ornithology, geophysical and benthic ecology, shipping and navigation and fisheries-related work.

Offshore survey schedule

Duration Survey

Mar 2019 – Feb 2021

Offshore birds and marine mammals survey

Apr 2021 – Jul 2021

Geophysical and benthic survey

Essex coast from the sea at sunset.


While the offshore location of North Falls Offshore Wind Farm has been agreed, an onshore grid connection location has yet to be provided by National Grid. This means that the site of the project’s cable landfall – where the offshore cable comes to shore – as well as the onshore cable route and onshore substation are not finalised. However one potential location of the grid connection is within North Essex. Therefore to gain a better understanding of the North Essex area, North Falls has begun some environmental baseline surveys looking at habitats, ecology and other sensitive receptors. These surveys will continue in this area and in other relevant locations along the coast and inland as the development progresses.

Onshore survey schedule

Duration Survey

Oct 2020 – Mar 2021

Onshore birds survey

Mar 2021 – Sep 2021

Onshore ecology surveys

Oct 2021 – Mar 2022

Onshore birds survey

Mar 2022 – Sep 2022

Onshore ecology surveys

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